Вестник - Газета русского Колорадо

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Vestnik - About Us

We would like to introduce for our readers' view internet- version of the
largest in MidWest Russian newspaper «Vestnik” (The Russian for Herald).

On our internet page you can read the best analytical articles and
reports of the newspaper and other material reflecting life of 50-thousand Colorado
Russian community, information about non-profit and for profit organizations of
Russian and English Denver, business- directory “Vestnik- Yellow Pages”, weekly
Classified section.

Here you will find information about current Denver cultural events
and even purchase tickets for various shows.

Our internet newspaper has the same sections as paper version. If you
do not have our paper addition “Vestnik- Teleguide” on our internet page you will
to see the same list of programs for various Russian TV channels from US, Russia,
Israel in Mountain Time Zone scheduler. If we have thermometer J in written
version- weather forecast for next 2 week can also be found with a click of the
button on your computers.

First issue of Denver newspaper “Vestnik” was introduced to public
12 years ago. In 1999 our newspaper was publishing once every two weeks in
1000 copies, 20 pages each. All these years newspaper has growing popularity and
now it is weekly newspaper with 88 pages in every issue. It is almost 4 times of
original size! Since May 2009 originally black and white “Vestnik” is coming out
in full color. And 2500 copies a week!

In the beginning of 2011 our newspaper takes first place among
Russian newspapers by numbers of issues, circulation and reading auditory. Today
our readers can find fresh issues in 100 shops, restaurants, Russian library Elouz
May, insurance companies, attorneys’ and medical offices, hair and beauty salons,
preschools and after school care centers of Denver, Aurora, Thornton, Arvada,
Colorado Springs- they are available everywhere for Russian Coloradoans.

Our newspaper has own correspondents in Denver, New York,
Moscow, St-Petersburg, Tel-Aviv and Koln.

Articles and news published by public- political weekly “Vestnik”
reflect life of Russian Colorado community, actions and events in ex- Soviet
republics, US, Israel, and in whole world. Newspaper has a lot of political,
economic, scientific, medical, cultural and sport materials interesting for people
of various ages and social groups. Now, we also introduced “Literary Vestnik” to literature’s lovers.

Our newspaper is oriented on all Russian Coloradoans to all
nationalities and region believes. We closely work with government, public,
religious and cultural organizations. “Vestnik” initiates many Colorado events for
Russian and other communities.

“Vestnik” became a reliable friend and helper for growing
Russian businesses of Denver area and Colorado. Editorial staff always uses
new up-to date technologies to make advertisements more effective. That is why
various large and small businesses- juridical, real estate , financial, insurance,
construction, medical, preschool and kindergarten, colleges, travel agencies, shops
and restaurants, homecare companies- doing business in Colorado are long term
business partners of our Newspaper.

As additional business “Vestnik” offers to his clients and all
Coloradoans various highest quality help in polygraph. And reasonable prices
too. We will make business cards for you, publish your book, design and print
advertising materials, flyers, calendars, invitations for your events, posters, and etc.

Annually before Christmas you can have full color calendar with
business directory of all “Vestnik” partners.

We always work for prosperity of our partners and our Russian Colorado

We are growing with you.

Remember, Only The Best Choose Us!
Phone: 720-217-5397, 720-297-9303
Fax: 720-294-0034
E-Mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it